The Australia Pacific Security College (APSC) is an educational institution funded by Australian aid and aims to strengthen regional security through collaborative learning and enhanced people-to-people relationships.

APSC activities will support critical thinking about national security pressures, opportunities and new pathways forward.

The security challenges addressed by APSC are broad and consistent with the issues prioritised by Pacific Island Forum (PIF) Leaders in the 2018 Boe Declaration on Regional Security. It includes a focus on climate, environment, human and national security as well as issues of cybersecurity, transnational crime.

APSC is an initiative that resonates with the ‘Blue Pacific’ narrative focused on its commitment to collective action and collaboration. It recognises the importance of regional connectivity and the need for dialogue, knowledge sharing and collaboration in an increasingly crowded Pacific.

Through bespoke courses and technical assistance, the APSC will create opportunities for further learning and be a platform for the exchange and development of ideas to advance the peace and security of Pacific islands.

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