Pacific Women in Security


What are some of the challenges Pacific women face working in defence and security in the region? Eliorah Malifa speaks with Lieutenant Commander of the Fijian Navy, Silipa Kubuobola and Blanche Yogomin, General Manager of the Travel Document Branch at the Central Government Office in PNG.


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35 min Listen - 8 Sep 2021

Finding Local Solutions to PNG’s Security Challenges

In the latest Pacific Wayfinder podcast, Eliorah Malifa talks to PhD scholarship recipients Miss Geejay Milli and Mr Michael Kabuni about their research in gender and money laundering in Papua New Guinea.

33 min Listen - 13 May 2021

Samoan 2021 Election

Samoa has traditionally been one of the most stable countries in the Pacific, due in part to the 39 year run of the Human Rights Protection Party in government. Following the country’s April 9 election, Samoa’s hung parliament has prompted a constitutional crisis and a controversial decision to send the country back to voting booths…