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The PSC co-designs research projects with our Pacific partners.  The projects are within the scope of security as identified by the Boe Declaration, and the research must add value to the security agenda (e.g. the subject, the outcomes, or the partners we can draw together). Our research projects are in partnership with in-country experts.


An example of our research in 2020, explored how area-based approaches (ABAs) can contribute to national adaptation and responsiveness to disasters in Fiji, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu.  ABAs provide a developmental approach to disaster response.  Framed around the 10 principles of ABAs. The research was people centred, geographically targeted, and multi-sectoral. It was conducted with locally-engaged staff, and overseen by a reference group of agencies active and resident in the Pacific island countries.

What you will study


Research objectives must:

→ Align to the Boe Declaration

→ Provide insight and contribute to informing policy, operational and strategic decision making on security

→ Support collaborative learning among local and regional research partners to explore lessons learned from current practice, and to plan new approaches (or ways to strengthen current ones).


Research is reflective and participatory, so all our projects involve feedback to users, expert review by those active in the region, and publication that is open to all. We work to ensure our research is accessible by producing short blogs, longer form and detailed reports, and podcasts/radio coverage.  We believe that effective communication of research results is as important as high quality research methods.


Participants of the Australia Pacific Security College courses are taught by a number of subject matter experts.

Maima Koro

Program Coordinator

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