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Security Policy Making Course

The complexity of security challenges requires the efforts, insights and collaboration of all security partners. Policymaking is a forum and mechanism for setting strategic direction and bringing all partners together in a shared effort. This course will improve participants’ ability to think critically about the future, and develop agile and responsive policy.

What you will study


The objective of the course is to strengthen the participants’ skills and knowledge in policy development in the security sector.


At the end of the course, participants should be able to:

→ Understand the importance of structure and group processes to improve the quality of thinking and analysis

→ Conduct or direct group exercises to anticipate the widest range of possible strategic futures

→ Conduct or direct forecasting exercises, to develop a probabilistic estimate of the most likely future in order to guide policy formation.

→ Understand how the systematic observation of signposts and indicators can lead to policy-change initiatives to adjust to unanticipated futures.

Program Structure

The course can be delivered directly or in mixed mode, including multimedia resources, online workshops, mentoring and feedback. Key elements of the course include:

→ Understanding the policy cycle

→ Setting Policy in Complexity

→ Understanding policy tools available to address security challenges

→ Whole-of-government coordination and collaboration

→ Policy design and impact

→ Evaluation, reflection and refinement of security policy.

This course is adapted to policy making environments and priorities.


Participants of the Australia Pacific Security College courses are taught by a number of subject matter experts.

Maima Koro

Program Coordinator

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