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Anchoring Strategic Analysis

Analysis is critical to Pacific security. Analysts and policy makers need to deal with the complexity of a dynamic security environment and assess strategic developments, incomplete and ambiguous information, and cognitive biases. This course provides participants with a baseline of skills and understanding of strategic analysis. It gives participants the capacity to assist leaders from across the Pacific to frame their security decisions.  It also explores national, regional, and international security concerns.

What you will study


The purpose of the course is to improve analytic practice and support to policy decision-making within Pacific governments and regional organisations.


At the completion of the course, the participants will have:

→ A baseline of skills and understanding of strategic analysis trade craft

→ Appreciation of the value of collaboration as a crucial component of the policy process

→ The capacity to test cognitive biases to inform better policy options.

Program Structure

The course can be delivered directly or in mixed mode, including multimedia resources, online workshops, mentoring and feedback. Each course is tailored to the needs of participants. Key elements of the course include:

→ Defining strategic analysis

→ Processes of analysis, including identifying limitations and barriers

→ Group techniques 1 – Ideas generation

→ Group techniques 2 – Hypothesis formation

→ Group techniques 3 – Challenge and contest

→ Communicating analysis – Analytic writing & verbal presentation.


Participants of the Pacific Security College courses are taught by a number of subject matter experts.


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