The Pacific Security College endeavours to work with Pacific partners to contribute to the discussion around resilience in the face of security threats in the region. This work has included focused research pathways with regional development organisations and Pacific researchers.

While actively participating and engaging in these dialogues with experts in the region, the PSC also highlights the resilient nature of the Pacific through contributions to our academic blog, focusing on disaster response and relief. This included the ability of the region to pivot to traditional systems in the face of adversity and the pathway out of the Covid-19 pandemic for the region.

In 2021, PSC worked with Pacific researchers, to discuss findings on disaster resilience and localised responses in the Pacific post-TC Harold and in the midst of COVID-19. This panel was part of the Urban Resilience Asia Pacific 2020 conference. The responses from the conferences were compiled in a video called ‘Pacific Resilience: Putting People First‘.


Blog Posts

Lessons from a decade of disasters: building community resilience in Solomon Islands

Local solutions are required to boost community self-reliance in Pacific disaster response, writes Anouk Ride and colleagues.  In 2009, this...

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Building disaster resilience in Fiji

With the world’s attention focused on the COVID-19 pandemic, Fiji has had to look within to build disaster resilience, writes Kalei Billings-Dugu with Hugh McClure.

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Localisation for who? Pacific resilience in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic

Border closures due to COVID-19 have forced many Pacific countries to become more self-reliant in times of natural disaster, Kira...

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A cultural basis for development in Solomon Islands

Development projects throughout the Pacific must incorporate local norms and customs to be successful, Gordon Leua Nanau and Lincy Pendeverana...

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Climate Change Threat to Livelihood is a National Concern

Climate change is a threat to the livelihood of village people living in coastal areas of Solomon Islands. Esther Nuria...

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Development lessons for the security agenda: why local matters in the Pacific

Maima Koro As Pacific governments seek to integrate their development and security strategies, it is important to consider local contexts,...

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Pacific agility and resilience in the face of enormous challenges

From a deadly pandemic to disaster resilience, the Pacific region has shown it has the ability to respond well amidst tough circumstances, Ben Bohane writes.

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Pacific Wayfinder: Migrating with Dignity

Facing the prospect of rising sea levels swallowing their homes, many Pacific leaders and scholars are preparing for the worst,...

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Pacific Wayfinder: Merging science with traditional knowledge to combat climate change

Voices from the Pacific Island region The latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report emphasises that the Pacific needs both...

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Pacific Wayfinder: Making Pacific Food Systems More Sustainable

Policymakers must place greater importance on traditional Pacific food systems in order to achieve food security and improve health outcomes...

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Pacific Wayfinder: High Ambitions for Lower Temperatures

As leaders get ready for the COP26 summit in the coming weeks, Pacific Islands Forum Secretary General Henry Puna and...

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Pacific Wayfinder: Facing the Climate Crisis in the Pacific

As the severe and urgent nature of the climate crisis becomes more apparent, governments around the world must take heed...

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Pacific Wayfinder: Climate change and the IPCC report through a Pacific lens

The latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report provides sobering insights into the pace of global temperature and sea-level rises,...

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Saving coastal fisheries in the Pacific: food, livelihoods and community security

Joeli Veitayaki Fisheries in the Pacific are at risk, and require a unified regional response in order to be preserved...

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