Christopher Akosawa

Solomon Islands Immigration Division, Ministry of Commerce, Industries, Labour and Immigration

Name one aspect of your role you enjoy the most:

Working on the Immigration ten years’ Strategic plan reforming Immigration laws and organization. The Immigration strategy is to strengthen the Immigration legislations, policies, organizational structure, border security and control, developing intelligence and border security system.

What PSC course did you attend?

Pacific Law Enforcement Cooperation Exercise.

What was one of the key takeaways that you learnt during the course?

Strengthening information sharing and Pacific Law Enforcement cooperation helped to improve and address border security risks nationally and regionally. The Pacific region is vulnerable to transnational organized crime networks, and it is a concern for Law Enforcement Agencies to strategize and develop policies that combat transnational organized crimes in the region. The Pacific Law Enforcement exercise taught us that information gathering, and sharing is an effective tool used for border law enforcement to combat transnational organized crimes. The training exercise that we had in February 2021 had given participants in depth knowledge and skills of how to combat emerging border security risks nationally and regionally. The training exercise taught us law enforcement skills and knowledge on how to share timely information with each other. The training exercise is important as it helped to socialize with other Pacific Law Enforcement border law enforcement agencies.

What have you applied and how has that helped you or your organization?

The lesson learnt from the training exercise helped me to manage Immigration, in terms of strengthening border intelligence, monitoring and border control. The exercise has given me in depth knowledge that helped me to apply some of the knowledge to help reform Immigration to address the border risks. The exercise helped to develop my capacity to apply relevant learnings to my work.

What advice would you give to those wanting to attend PSC courses? 

The PSC is very important and valuable in the region.  I think that when opportunities come you must make use of it. I would encourage those of you who accepted a PSC course or training to make the most of it.