Doveline Yerta

Vanuatu National Disaster Management Office - Senior Information Management Officer

Name one aspect of your role you enjoy the most:

Enjoy raw data analysis to produce meaningful briefing papers to inform decision making.

What PSC Course did you attend?

Anchoring Strategic Analysis Course

What was one of the key takeaways that you learned during the course?

I gained knowledge and having the confidence & competence in applying strategic reasoning in an organized approach through the study of a selection of strategic business dilemmas.

What have you applied and how has that helped you or your organization?

This has helped me as an individual to apply strategic reasoning when analysing information for informed decision making. E.g I am able to ensure the data I analyse stand out and tell a story that is useful for a decision-maker to understand and make a decision.

What advice would you give to those wanting to attend PSC courses?

‚ÄčEncourage students or those wishing to pursue a career in areas that involve security of the country or areas that involve humanitarian safety and security to take this course as it will support you to help you apply strategy reasoning when it comes to information and decision making.