Kelemedi Gukirewa

Fiji Revenue & Customs Service/SCO-OIC BEU Intelligence

Name one aspect of your role you enjoy the most:

Working on analysing the available data at our holdings to identify the highly likely target crossing our borders. Carrying out analysis on small crafts through the analysis of the Advanced Notification of Arrivals and likewise with cargoes and passengers through the advance cargo manifest and advanced passenger manifest.

What PSC Course did you attend?

Anchoring Strategic Analysis and Pacific Law Enforcement Cooperation Exercise.

What was one of the key takeaways that you learnt during the course?

  • Anchoring Strategic Analysis Course – Analytical writings and writing fundamentals. Need to be clear about the primary recipient of the analysis done, clear about the readers needs and background and what more they need to know. What you may want them to do, how you will convince them or persuade them on what you are seeing and what exactly you want them to do.
  • Pacific Law Enforcement Exercise – I can say that I am a staunch believer in information sharing and yes, no man is an island, we cannot work in isolation anymore. Having the Law Enforcement training organized and bringing the affected border LEAs’ together on a common goal of dismantle and disrupt organized criminal activities in the region through information sharing, that is something that we all supported and thank you for organizing such training.

What have you applied and how has that helped you or your organisation?

  • Anchoring Strategic Intelligence Analysis Course – Conducting strategic and tactical analysis on information regarding small crafts and cargoes through advanced manifest. Risk is identified with justifications put down in writing to convince the readers or operational people on the risk involved and how they should intervene. Putting your understanding of the situation into the report for the reader’s own understanding.
  • Pacific Law Enforcement Exercise – Information sharing is the key in working together for the common goal of disrupting and dismantling organized criminal group at the national platform as well the regional platform. Knowing what to share and where to share and most importantly when to share critical information.

What advice would you give to those wanting to attend PSC courses?

When given the chance, make use of every opportunity available to learn from the experts and always try to relate classroom sessions into the real-life situations or on the ground situations.