Mackenzi Wichman

Cook Islands Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration

Name one aspect of your role you enjoy the most:

I enjoy the dynamic nature of my role, due to the small Foreign Service team that we have we are constantly pivoting and are exposed to an array of subject areas.

What PSC Course did you attend?

Anchoring Strategic Analysis Course

What was one of the key takeaways that you learnt during the course?

Less is more! Before completing this course I found my briefs/ reports could be quite lengthy. After completing this course I have found that less can be more, you don’t want to be overwhelming the individual that you are writing a brief/report for.

What have you applied and how has that helped you or your organisation?

Extracting key information has been a key skill that I learnt on the course and have been able to apply in my job. Being able to distinguish key judgements and the pertinent information from a number of sources, lengthy information papers or reports. Knowing what information is of importance and what is not has helped when summarising or constructing reports or information papers.

What advice would you give to those wanting to attend PSC courses?

Fully immerse yourself in the course and the exercises that are set up and ask as many questions as possible, even if you think it’s a silly question – chances are someone else in the room is thinking it.