Maria Dolores Biaun

PNG National Maritime Safety Authority

Name one aspect of your role you enjoy the most:

Maintaining strategic communication with national, regional and wider stakeholders (thereby meeting new people/ideas/processes of doing business, etc.) 

What PSC Course did you attend?

Anchoring Strategic Analysis

What was one of the key takeaways that you learnt during the course?

When formulating a strategic piece, one will be caught up in the information web, especially readily available information on the internet. Dealing with volumes of information can be stressful that is why it is healthy to constantly work in a team and trying as much as possible to use the right analytical tools. Upon returning to Papua New Guinea, I assumed a new communications role in the regulatory space in liaising between my Government, other governments/industries and with the International Maritime Organization. This course has prepped me well for this role but, the challenge remains to upskill myself as well as helping my colleagues to be on par so we communicate better as a team.

What have you applied and how has that helped you or your organization?

An in depth knowledge/understanding of various analytical tools and concepts greatly aids me in my current role as an international liaison officer in maintaining strategic communication primarily between the International Maritime Organization and the National Maritime Safety Authority. I write policy briefs, I liaise with stakeholders, I deal with group dynamics, I mediate, etc. Moreover, I seek to support and establish a team of maritime regulatory analysists from within my organization in the different functional areas including Search and Rescue, Marine Environment Protection and Maritime Domain Awareness.

What advice would you give to those wanting to attend PSC courses?

The PSC is the ideal learning institution for anyone passionate and curious about security and development, particularly in small island states. There are great friends and moments to share in such a vibrant- world class institution. I was given the opportunity to be exposed to cutting-edge technology in enhancing my leaning. The diverse cultures/experiences here provided the ideal enabling environment for ideas to be discussed harmoniously. Each idea is respected and challenged so come, bring your worldviews and experiences to the table. Let’s embrace change and at the same time, acknowledge the values that has defined who we are.