Dr Nick Thomson

Academic Convenor | Fellow

Dr Nick Thomson is a public health and human rights trained epidemiologist who has spent the last 20 years living and working across the Indo-Pacific. Initially his focus of work was on HIV prevention among at risk groups in SE Asia before becoming specializing in the intersection between security sectors, public health and civil society and the role of multi-agency partnerships in supporting public health responses to infectious disease in complex settings. This work led to a long term consulting work with UN agencies working with police, health and civil society groups across South, South East, Central Asia and Eastern Europe to better understand how to support environments for infectious disease prevention and response in complex settings. Nick is our Senior Health Advisor at the PSC and leads our work efforts with partners seeking to enhance multi-agency approaches to non-traditional security threats such as climate, food security, water and biological threats. He also has ongoing interest in the role of disinformation as a threat to health.