Tim Scott

Administration Coordinator


Bachelor of Science (Forestry)

Tim is a graduate of ANU having completed a Science (Forestry) degree leading him to management roles in forest operations in NSW and Tasmania. He became a consultant advising private forest owners in managing their resources.

After 15 years in forestry, he moved into leadership and planning roles in community services organisations in the not-for-profit sector.

Switching to education he was the Executive Officer of a VET sector college in Canberra, which involved management, administration and training activities while providing project support to senior executives. As a board member, he assisted administration staff throughout a network of training centres across Australia, in developing course content and ensuring compliance with College and Government educational standards.

Furthering his education career at ANU, Tim has held administration positions in Admissions and Scholarships, and Engagement and Global Relations.

As Administration Coordinator in Pacific Security College, he supports the business and administration staff and looks forward to playing an increased role in assisting the Program Coordinators to develop the teaching and training activities of the College in Canberra and throughout the Pacific.