Hidden Commerce (Part One)

In this Pacific Wayfinder podcast, Ben Bohane sits down with Jose Sousa-Santos and Tevita Tupou to discuss transnational crime in the Pacific and how it became a ‘drugs highway’.

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36 min Listen - 27 Sep 2022

Community Responses to Transnational Crime

  We sat down with Distinguished Professor Steven Ratuva and Mr Setareki Macanawai, CEO of the Pacific Disability Forum at the Pacific Regional Law Enforcement Conference in Nadi, Fiji, to discuss how we can use inclusive community approaches to combat transnational crime. Hosted by Liam Taylor.  

36 min Listen - 1 Mar 2022

Crypto & Blockchain in the Pacific (Part Two)

In part two of our special on crypto in the Pacific, Ben Bohane sits down with Tongan Politician, Lord Fusituʻa and Josh Hallwright, Oxfam Australia’s specialist in blockchain technology to discuss the use of cryptocurrency in the Pacific.