Migrating with Dignity

PSC PhD Candidate, Akka Rimon and Former President of Kiribati and international climate change advocate, His Excellency, Mr Anote Tong, joined Eliroah Malifa to discuss Kiribati’s options as climate change bites.


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33 min Listen - 20 Jul 2021

IPCC Reporting and the Climate Crisis

In this episode, we speak to Prof Mark Howden and Dr George Carter on the IPCC’s role in the Pacific and the sobering trajectory of the current crisis.

33 min Listen - 17 Nov 2020

Pacific Women in Security

What are some of the challenges Pacific women face working in defence and security in the region? Eliorah Malifa speaks with Lieutenant Commander of the Fijian Navy, Silipa Kubuobola and Blanche Yogomin, General Manager of the Travel Document Branch at the Central Government Office in PNG.