Migrating with Dignity

PSC PhD Candidate, Akka Rimon and Former President of Kiribati and international climate change advocate, His Excellency, Mr Anote Tong, joined Eliroah Malifa to discuss Kiribati’s options as climate change bites.


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36 min Listen - 1 Mar 2022

Merging Science with Traditional Knowledge

Ben Bohane sits down with Prof Mark Howden, Vice-Chair of the IPCC and Ofa Ma’asi-Kaisamy, Manager of the Pacific Climate Change Centre to discuss the latest IPCC report on the impacts of a changing climate policy and adaptation in the Pacific.  

36 min Listen - 27 Jun 2022

Social Media Security (Part One)

  Social media has created seismic shifts in the way people connect and relate. As mobile phone usage and internet connectivity expands across the Pacific, the use of platforms such as Facebook has provided new economic and social opportunities for the region. Nick McDonnell (Head of Public Policy for NZ and the Pacific, Meta), Dr…