Solomons National Security Strategy

In this day and age, we are challenged by many threats that have impacted our way of life. No longer can Solomon Islands, as a sovereign nation, ride on complacency and surrender to chance, hoping that somehow these threats will fizzle away. Instead, we must be strategic and discern strategies to tackle these threats, so that our nation is protected, and the safety of our citizens is guaranteed. This is why we must have a National Security Strategy (NSS). My Government, the Democratic Coalition for Government Advancement (DCGA), is committed to fully implement the NSS. In fact the NSS was conceived under my earlier Prime Ministership during the DCCG Government that I led from 2014. 

In this regard, we, as a responsible Government, will be resourcing the full implementation of the NSS to ensure that its goals are fully realized for the benefit of our nation. 

The NSS provides an assurance for concerted national effort to contain environmental hazards and internal or external challenges from infringing on our ambition to forge a peaceful and prosperous Solomon Islands for all. The NSS is a national call for all citizens, state agencies, private sector institutions, communities, traditional leaders, churches, men, women, youths, and our nation as a whole, to rise and take action to subdue, terrorism, human and illicit goods trafficking, people smuggling, corruption, illegal border crossing, political instability, bio-hazards, climate change, geo-political intrusions, infectious disease manifestations like Covid-19 pandemic, piracy, IUU resource exploitation and border invasions all of which have potential to affront our sovereignty and peaceful national order.