Vanuatu National Security Strategy

There can be no higher responsibility of a government than the protection of the nation – to maintain national sovereignty and border integrity; to ensure a peaceful and just society, and to nurture strong human security for all and national resilience in the face of natural disasters and other unforeseen events. I am proud to present this document to the people of Vanuatu, our first-ever National Security Strategy. The Strategy outlines Vanuatu’s security environment – the threats and opportunities – and establishes priorities. It outlines an Action Plan and the directions the government proposes to take to reinforce the security and resilience of our nation and people over the short and long term. The Strategy underlines our national aspiration, set out in the National Sustainable Development Plan 2016 to 2030, for a stable, sustainable and prosperous Vanuatu. It reinforces the foundation of our nation, as expressed in our Constitution, our culture, traditional knowledge and Christian principles. We will use all the instruments of national power to manage and mitigate natural risks, Vanuatu National Security Strategy to further build our resilience, to prevent conflict and deter threats to our sovereignty, independence and society. We will commit to promoting a rules-based global system and maintain our non-aligned foreign policy. We reaffirm our commitment to human rights, justice and the rule of law.