Fiji Disaster Resilience- Discussion Paper

This discussion paper explores how area-based approaches (ABAs) can contribute to national adaptation and responsiveness to disasters in Fiji. People centred, geographically targeted, and multi-sectorial, ABAs provide a developmental approach to disaster response. Framed around the principles of ABAs, the project draws on international experience through the review of desktop literature relevant to Fiji and exploratory stakeholder interviews to consider the suitability of ABAs to disaster response in Fiji. 

Recognising the need for increased collaboration and coordination across sectors, agencies and levels of government, this discussion paper has been drafted to initiate a conversation with Pacific Island people, including government representatives at all levels, local civil society organisations (CSOs) and the wider community involved with and impacted by disaster management and response. It is also an invitation to international non-government organisations (INGOs) working in the Pacific to consider and contribute to an alternative approach to humanitarian disaster response.